gabby barrett
i hope
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What do YOU hope for?
Everyone experiences relationships and breakups differently. What have you
learned from your relationships and what do you hope for your future? Gabby wants
to hear YOUR story, so submit a video sharing your experience or write it below
and you could win a surprise from Gabby and Warner Music Nashville.
video specifications
  • 1. One video submission per person. Submit your video by December 1, 2019.
  • 2. Clips should not exceed 1 minute or 300 MBs.
  • 3. We prefer clips to be shot using smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc.) in landscape mode instead of vertical mode.
  • 4. Please send original clips and not a clip that has been compressed.
  • 5. Use one of these recommended transfer methods: YouTube or link (with download button activated);; downloadable links from Dropbox or Box.